passion & professionalism

Rob Mark

Since 2019 in Australia, and Canada before that, Rob Mark (AKA Blueski) has been consistently surprising crowds with well organized sets, all improvised live, catered to every different crowd. From high energy Trance to Top 40 and R&B, he is an avid fan of any genre as long as it sounds good.

Known to run long 4+ hour sets, Rob is not adverse to dressing it up, whether it be LEDs or a costume, putting on a visual as well as aural performance. A talented MC with a crowd pleasing personality, he loves to entertain, and looks forward to every gig with an energetic positivity.

rob mark's

music styles

  • PSY
  • TOP 40
  • R&B
  • RAP
  • 70s & 80S
  • EDM
  • Future House
  • Chillout / AMBIENT