Clubs and Bars

Clubs & Bars

Although generally not seeking to be a house DJ on an ongoing basis for any specific venue, Blueski loves to cover sets where the regular DJ is unable to, or host a special event. If you’re throwing a party at a club or bar, or are a venue owner looking for someone you can rely on to jump in where required when you need a DJ to entertain your patrons, Blueski might be perfect for your needs.

When you reach out, please provide the following information:

  • Genre of music
  • length of desired/typical performance
  • single event or periodic
  • location of event
  • date(s) of event

Once initial details are exchanged, if warranted, Blueski will meet with you to discuss the event and check the venue out to plan for his gig. Usually this is not necessary, but may be beneficial for periodic gigs.

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